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Levy's Lair

About Me

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I was born in the early '70s and mom labored for only 30 mins. Map-making is what I do for a living, currently employed with the City of Waukegan as a GIS Analyst.

I grew up in the Philippines and went to high school at St Columban - Olongapo. I've lived in North Carolina, Hawaii and Illinois. The islands of Aloha remind me where I grew up that I decided to move there some day. Here's one unique experience I'd like to share:


Hanging ten in Waikiki

What a ride!

This is the first wave I caught in Waikiki during the Spring of 2003. It was a two-footer! That's a big wave for a beginner like me. My advice for guys, wear a SHIRT. After wrestling with your surfboard for a couple of hours, your chest area will thank you later. Surf's up dude!


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

There's Something About Mary, Matrix, Daddy Day Care

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

The 80's, Daniel Bedingfield, Gary V, Neocolours, Usher